Why choose Andrews Fire Protection?

Andrews Fire Protection is proudly Australian and independently owned and operated. We incorporate a team of highly qualified and knowledgeable employees. Guided by fire protection industry professionals, Andrews Fire Protection has been providing its customers with the design, supply, installation, maintenance, testing and certification of fire protection systems for over 25 years. We are proud members of the Fire Protection Association of Australia and the Master Plumbers Association of New South Wales.

Who uses Andrews Fire Protection?

Andrews Fire Protection caters for a broad range of clients, including strata maintenance companies, insurance companies, real estate agencies, developers, builders as well as residential home owners.

My local council has served me a notice to comply with fire and safety regulations. What do I do?

Contact Andrews Fire Protection today to arrange for an experienced inspection by our qualified staff. You will be provided with a detailed report - called a Certificate of Compliance - and quote, if applicable, for any works that are necessary to meet your council's regulations.

What is a Certificate of Compliance?

It is the responsibility of the property owner or manager to obtain a Certificate of Compliance and submitting it to council prior to its due date. Local Council may issue fines for non-compliance.

In the event of a fire, certification is required by your insurance company as proof that your property has met Australian Standards. Certification is only issued upon compliance and after payment of our final invoice.

Certification is valid for 12 months from date indicated.

Can you provide me with helpful tips for fire safety at home?

1. Take care in the kitchen - never leave cooking unattended and always turn pot handles in.
2. Supervise children - children need to be protected from fire and from the potential for starting fires.
3. Heat your home safely - place your heater at least one metre from flammable items such as curtains, furniture, toys and bedding.
4. Dispose of cigarettes safely - wet down cigarette butts before discarding and never smoke in bed.
5. Take care with electricity - have an electrician check the electrical wiring throughout your home and keep your home appliances in good working order.
6. Install a smoke alarm - keep your smoke alarms clean and test them regularly.
7. Plan your home escape - create an escape plan and practise escaping from your home.
8. Use home security that lets you get out quickly - keep a key in the deadlock so that you can escape quickly in the event of a fire.
9. Check portable fire extinguishers - check the pressure gauge on the extinguisher regularly.
10. Be prepared - know which fire equipment to use and know how to use it.

>> Visit the Fire Protection Association of Australia website for further details.

What should be observed in the case of an emergency?

1. Protection of Life - insure that everyone who may be in danger is warned and that action is taken to guarantee their safety.
2. Prevent Spread of Hazard - control the extent of the hazard within the building and minimise its release into the environment as far as possible consistent within personal safety..
3. Save Assets - remove valuable items and documents from the affected area if they are at risk. Otherwise lock drawers, cabinets, etc to secure them.
4. Eliminate the Hazard - attempt to eliminate the hazard only if it is safe to do so. If not, leave this task to appropriately trained emergency services.

>> Visit the Fire Protection Association of Australia website for further details.

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