It's a fact. Fires can cause serious injury or death. Fires can also destroy your most cherished possessions, home or office. Each year in Australia, some 70 people die as a result of fire and probably more than 1000 people suffer from serious burns in home or office fires. People are most at risk of serious injury or death during winter as fires occur more frequently.

You can reduce the risk of fire occuring in your home or office by taking fire safety measures and contacting Andrews Fire Protection for an installation and ongoing maintenance service to ensure maximum protection.

Andrews Fire Protection offer the following services:-

Fire Products and Fire Systems Installation
Andrews Fire Protection offers a competitively priced fire protection installation service as well as any approved modified extensions to your existing system. Our fire products and fire systems are installed by experienced and licenced personnel that maintain a strong focus on quality throughout all stages of the project.

All work is carried out in accordance of Occupational Health and Safety.

Fire Products and Fire Systems Maintenance

To ensure the ongoing efficiency of our installed fire protection products and fire systems, we provide maintenance services to ensure health and safety standards are not comprimised. The maintenance of these systems is an ongoing responsibility and is a requirement of the regulations and Australian Standards.

All of our employees are fully competent, trained and insured to meet the fire industry requirements.

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Be Prepared. Contact Andrews Fire Protection today for a fire protection installation or maintenance service.

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